Acitivity/ Progress

Phase I:  Main Support Widening

Steel reinforcing framework and concrete was poured in the void section of the the piers to strengthen them. Diagonal struts and top tie steel were anchored to the upper part of the piers to recieve the new additional trusses and support the existing center truss . This phase ended at the end of May 2009.

Phase II:  Railroad Modifications

Three railroad bents were relocated on the East Bank, while two were modified on the West Bank. The modifications will allow for the Phase IV construction of the roadway approaches. This phase was completed in summer 2008.

Phase III:  Main Bridge Widening

Contractor has installed a work platform beneath bridge to aid in floor beam widening work. All floor beam wedges have been installed to prepared floorbeams for the 24-ft extensions. The steel installation of the Span 1 began on November 2009 and it is 85% completed. A series of pre-assembled section of the bridge will be done for Span 2, 3 and 4. The first Big Lift was done for Span 3 on June 19. Currently Span 3 is 84% completed. The second bridge segment lift was on November 20. Span 2 is 77% completed. The third and final bridge segment lift is scheduled for April 2011.

View time-lapse video of the first Big Lift on June 19.

View time-lapse video of Big Lift II on November 20.

Phase IV: New Approaches

Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc., Massman Construction Co., and Traylor Brothers, Inc. continue driving piling on the West Bank. Demolition of all buildings in the right of way has occured. Contractor continues constructing trumpets on the East Bank that will become the support of the new approaches structure. Paving of the approaches on the West Bank advances. The westbound traffic on U.S. 90 has been switch to their new permanet lanes and the eastbound US 90 lanes are being constructed. The construction of the Clearview Parkway and Jefferson Hwy intersection has begun and the demolition of the Jefferson Hwy overpass continues.